About the Band

La SirenaCuba. Puerto Rico. Nicaragua. Venezuela. México. Perú. The Dominican Republic. Guatemala. Chile. Colombia. And, of course, the United States. These are among the rainbow of nationalities that harmoniously blend together into the mighty ocean of talent that is ORQUESTA MAR DE ASHÉ.la sirena

Led by vocalist, composer and arranger, La Sirena, Orquesta Mar de Ashé presents a delicious eclectic variety of danceable SALSA, Latin Jazz, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Cha Cha, Son, and Bolero.


Mar de Ashé boasts three vocalists, including not only the seductive siren songs of La Sirena, but also co-lead vocalist Oscar Daniel; creating a balance between male and female lead vocals, as well as sizzling harmonies and romantic duets. The orchestra features an explosive rhythm section, with piano, bass, timbales, conga, bongó, campana, guiro, guira, and tambora; and a smokin' horn section consisting of two trumpets, trombone, and baritone sax doubling on the alto. horns

With its unique vocal sound, big brass, and traditional Latin percussion, Mar de Ashé plays both covers and originals, giving you something at once traditional, and yet completely fresh and new -- with its bilingual approach appealing to the full-spectrum audience.

Mike Daigeau The talented members of this 11-piece orchestra have played all over the globe for such diverse artists as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Dizzy Gillespie, Linda Ronstadt, Diana Ross,
Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Luis Miguel, Eddie Santiago, Luis Enrique, Sonora Dinamita, Poncho Sanchez, Cuco Valoy, Bobby Caldwell, Luther Vandross, Doc Severinsen, Mel Tormé, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown, to name only a few.Mar de Ashé

About Our Name

Mar de AshéPeople have asked us about our name, MAR DE ASHÉ (say it, Ah-SHAY.) Well, Mar is ocean. And Ashé (spelled Aché in Cuba, or Axé in Brazil) is a word that came to us through the African Diaspora, that, roughly translated, means power, or life force, or blessings. It can even be used as an exclamation -- Ashé ! -- the way we might exclaim Amen! -- or, So Be It! -- or even, Hallelujah! And a Sirena -- that's a Mermaid! So where else would a mermaid want to be but in a sea of blessings, power, and life force? And that's what this band is -- a powerful, vibrant blend of many nationalities and races, powerfully conveying messages of love, passion, and unity.

La Sirena

What Makes Us Different?

Daniel y La SirenaWhat really makes us different from all the rest? We call it "VOCES EN ARMONÍA" – voices in harmony. La Sirena and Oscar Daniel create a completely unique vocal blend, with rich, amazing harmonies, and sizzling duets.Mar de Ashé Add to that our bilingual approach, bantering with the audience and each other in Spansh and English; and top it off with our extraordinarily large repertoire, (we play a lot of songs which no one else does or can) which makes it possible for us to fill a night with nothing but pura Salsa; or an evening of Latin Jazz; or mostly Merengues and Cumbias for a Central American event; or even a large selection of Salsa in English, to appeal to the full-spectrum audience -- we can please any crowd, no matter how diverse!


So watch out -- once the waves of MAR DE ASHÉ wash over you, you'll be having so much fun, you won't know what hit you!

We Have Performed At

  • Corporate events for clients including Macy’s, Microsoft, Lawson Software, Univision, Glidewell, the Irvine Barclay Theatre, the L.A. Dodgers, and the L.A. Galaxy -- often in large venues such as Knotts Berry Farm, Staples Center, Dodger Stadium, O.C. Great Park, the AMC Walkway in Downtown Burbank, or the Home Depot Sports Center.
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  • Many, many parks, festivals, and city concerts, from Santa Monica to Palm Springs, such as............... Burbank’s “Come Out & Dance Under the Stars”; “The Dinah”; Redondo Beach Lobsterfest; Irvine Global Village Festival (7 yrs.); The Museum of Latin American Art; Lummis Day at Heritage Square Museum in Northeast Los Angeles; “Viva Los Dodgers” (2 yrs.); “Beach=Culture” at the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica (2 yrs.); Santa Fe Springs ArtFest; at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Claremont (2 yrs.); “Noches Con Ritmo” at the Center Stage Theater in Fontana (3 yrs.); Palos Verdes Street Fair; Camarillo Fiesta and Street Fair (2 yrs.); San Bernardino National Orange Show (2 yrs.); Tall Ships Festival in San Pedro; Silverado Days in Buena Park; Orange County Flights and Sounds Summer Festival; Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival (4 yrs.); Lakewood Pan-American Fiesta (3 yrs.); Hawaiian Gardens Annual Spring Carnival (2 yrs.); Santa Monica’s “Jazz on the Lawn”; 5 de Mayo Celebrations for various cities, such as Fullerton (3 yrs.), San Bernardino at Villegas Park; and San Clemente; Summer park concerts for cities such as Manhattan Beach, Pico Rivera, Downey, Covina, Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, West Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Yucaipa, Whittier (2 yrs.), and Bell Gardens (2 yrs.); Watts Third World Arts Festival; Feria de Centro America; L.A. International Marketplace (sponsored by 94.7 the Wave); Taste and Sounds of Marina del Rey; Pico Rivera Sizzlin' Salsa Festival; etc. etc.
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  • Educational institutions like Campbell Hall – where we were fortunate enough to perform with "Dancing With the Stars" pro Louis Van Amstel! Also, at La Sirena’s Alma Mater, U.C.L.A., for their Annual Festival Latino (2 yrs.).
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  • Philanthropical events such as the RaiseaChild Foster and Adoption Resource Fair; Stand Up 4 Education; Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief; or for organizations such as the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Boys and Girls Club of San Fernando Valley (2 yrs.), or Cedar Sinai Medical Center.
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  • Business events – mall openings (Santa Margarita Town Center), Farmers Markets (Mar Vista, Fullerton, etc.); the Black Business Expo.
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  • Fund-raisers for churches like Miraculous Medal (2 yrs.) Holy Name of Mary, and St. Benedict's.
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  • Weddings... -- we love Romance!
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  • And of course, numerous club/restaurant venues and private parties across Southern California.
mar de Ashé